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Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives of the Lab

The lab’s mission is:

  1. To cover the educational and research needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Marketing and Communication, as well as of other departments of A.U.E.B. on issues relating to the Marketing field.
  2. To update the methods of teaching through the use of modern facilities and specialized equipment.
  3. To familiarize the students with contemporary tools and methods of marketing.
  4. To simulate marketing decision-making problems through the use of special software.
  5. To support the doctoral and post-doctoral research.
  6. To publish research papers in top international academic journals.
  7. To develop and co-ordinate research collaborations with local and foreign institutions, organizations and companies.
  8. To co-operate with other departments and laboratories of A.U.E.B. in the context of interdisciplinary marketing research.
  9. To participate and to utilize effectively European and National research funding schemes.
  10. To carry research with the potential of being implemented or published, on issues relating to: new technologies, quality and customer satisfaction assessments, construction of scientific measurement scales, development and application of distribution models, new product design, sales management, applied demand analysis and other relevant scientific areas.
  11. To support the computing and facility needs of scientific and other applied research work requiring telephone and postal surveys, experiments and advanced methods of data analysis.
  12. To organize lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences and other scientific events in various fields of Marketing by inviting well known Greek and foreign scholars.
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