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The History of the Lab

The History of the Lab

The Marketing Lab of the Department of Marketing and Communication of A.U.E.B. was founded in 2000 as a registered lab of the University and it was ratified in 2001 by the official Goverment Gazette, No 148/5-7-2001, Issue A.

Initially it was hosted on the 3rd floor of the A.U.E.B. building on 12 Derigni street. In 2003 new facilities were provided οn the 1st floor of the postgraduate studies building of A.U.E.B. on 47a Evelpidon and 33 Lefkados street, where it is based until today.

On December 17th 2003 the new facilities of the Lab were inaugurated with a simple ceremony attended by all faculty members.

Until today, the Lab has carried out a large number of research projects and advisory work while the continuous renewal of its equipment allows it to successfully meet the needs of the academic and business community.

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