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Academic Research

In the Lab a considerable amount of academic and doctorate research, is taking place. A list of on-going and completed doctorate research projects follows:

Succesfully Completed Ph.D. Research

Indounas Kostis
The Pricing Process of Services and its Antecedents: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis. (2003)

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Koritos Christos
The Adoption of Innovative Distribution Channels in Services: The case of Internet. (2006)

The goal of this project is to define a holistic model comprising of the most critical factors that influence the consumer’s decision to adopt an innovative distribution channel (i.e. the Internet) for receiving services (i.e. bank transactions).

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Kostopoulos Ioannis
Analysis of the Conditions and Outcome of the Formality Degree in the Service Provision Process (Blueprinting). (2012)

The study of formality in the process of developing and implementing a blueprint for the service provision process, the factors affecting the blueprint formality and its consequences: 1) in the level of organizational operation 2) in the level of effectiveness of the service provision process 3) in the level of the final company performance.

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Kyrezis Nikolaos
Trust and Intention-to-use in the Alternative Networks for Bank Transactions. (2006)

This thesis aims to explain the role of Trust in the Intention-to-use alternative channels of distribution for bank transactions. After the formation of the research model and the hypotheses, the research was conducted in 762 customers in 20 branches of 6 Greek banks.

Supervising Professor: Sergios Dimitriadis

Lionakis Constantinos
Marketing Application and Effectiveness in the framework of the Marketing and Sales Department cooperation. (2011)

Quantitative Research in 132 businesses (personal interviews with the Sales and Marketing Business Executives) aiming to define the relationship between the Marketing and the Sales Department cooperation, and the business performance.

Supervising Professor : George J.Avlonitis

Panagopoulos Nikolaos
Effective Organization and Management of Sales: A theoretical and practical analysis. (2003)

The project is an exhaustive study of issues relating to the effective organization and management of Sales through a theoretical and practical spectrum of analysis. It is the first so far attempt to analyze in-depth the complex processes and mechanisms which improve the effectiveness of the sales department, through the collection of empirical data.

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Papadakis George
Factors that influence the adoption of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and their Impact on its effectiveness. (2011)

The thesis studies the parameters affecting the adoption of Customer Relation Marketing Systems from businesses, as well as the factors that determine the effectiveness of the implementation of such systems.

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Peitzika Eirini
An investigation of the concept of product life-cycle, as an instrument in marketing decision-making for fast moving consumer goods in Greece. (2010)

Study of the life-cycle model of consumer products - Analysis of successful marketing strategies for products in different stages of the life-cycle of product/market and also in diverse competitive positions.

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Piha Lamprini
Brand Orientation: Influence Factors and Consequences. (2012)

Clarifying the term Business Brand Orientation, developing a measuring scale for the degree of the Business Brand Orientation (product or corporate) and studying the factors that influence this orientation and its consequences on the business performance.

Supervising Professor: George J.Avlonitis

Pilidou Ourania
An empirical investigation of the launching of new industrial products from Representative Companies: Emphasis on Communication Strategy. (2007)

This thesis investigates the launching of new B2B products by companies that represent manufacturing companies, while special emphasis is placed upon the new product communication strategy during its launching. The content of this study was developed according to specific research gaps detected in the existing bibliography.

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Rizomiliotis Ioannis
The effectiveness of Printed Business Advertising in Greece: Theoretical and Practical Approach. (2008)

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Saridakis Charalambos
An analysis of Consumer Preferences in the Greek Car Market. (2011)

The application of econometric models and advanced quantitative research techniques in the Greek car market in order to examine the sector’s pricing structure, as well as basic aspects of the purchasing behavior and preferences of the Greek car buyer..

Supervising Professor: George Baltas

Tzempelikos Nektarios
An integrated model of Key Account Management- Motives, Formation, Application and Outcomes. (2011)

An empirical study of the adoption degree of Key Account Management Orientation in the Greek Market, the determinant factors and its outcome.

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Current Ph.D Research

Boikou Vasilios
Contemporary product pricing techniques: Research in a B2B sample of the Greek Market.

The aim of this thesis will be the documentation of product pricing techniques in B2B companies of the Greek market.

Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Boukis Achilleas
The role of IMO for Conflicts and New Service Development Performance.

This dissertation explores some intra-organizational and project level antecedents of new service development (NSD) performance. Moreover, the benefits of Internal Market Orientation for NSD are highlighted in terms of effective conflict management and resource allocation.

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Giakoumaki Christina
The Role of Consumer Advertising in B2B products.

The main goal of this thesis is the formulation of a comprehensive theoretical proposition - based on current data and market conditions - that will fill the existing theoretical gap concerning the role of consumer advertising in B2B product demand as well as its main functions as a component of the B2B marketing mix.


Supervising Professor: George J. Avlonitis

Giannopoulos Antonios
Investigation of the interdependence of Internal and External Orientation: An integrated model for Orientation, Internal and External customer satisfaction and Business Performance.

This is an innovative, ‘triangular’ approach through a multilevel analysis. In particular, this thesis seeks to study both the internal and external orientation in the business market with the parallel recording of the potential impact of the two orientations on business performance through an integrated theoretical model, based on the human factor and the interactions between three levels (Management, Employees, Customers).

Supervising Professor: George J.Avlonitis

Kaminakis Kostas
The Impact of Servicescape on Employees, Customers, and their Interactions.

This is the first empirical study to present a holistic multilevel framework describing the impact of servicescape on employees and customers on cognitive and emotional basis and how this effects their behavior, the interactions between them, as well as the outcome of such interactions.

Supervising Professor: Spiros Gounaris

Makri Aikaterini
Factors influencing export venture performance: an empirical investigation among Greek companies.

This research effort attempts to examine the factors that are linked to effective and efficient implementation of strategies designed to conquer international markets. It also aims to offer a useful guide to export managers, concerning their activities in international markets.

Supervising Professor: Evaggelia Katsikea

Painesis Grigorios
Design issues and effective ways of presenting Coupon face value (Coupon framing effects).

The purpose of this Ph.D. proposal is threefold: To examine how the different ways of presenting coupon face value (coupon framing) influence coupon redemption, perceived quality and other relevant cognitive dimensions, to investigate the special features of cross-coupons and to make a more focused examination of the effectiveness of coupon delivery methods.

Supervising Professor: George Baltas

Papista Erifili
An investigation of Quality and Identification in the relationship between consumer and environmentally friendly brands.

This research examines the role of customer and company related antecedents in the building of a strong relationship between the consumer and his/her preferable brand. Furthermore this study analyses the nature of the relationship strength in terms of the quality of the relation and of consumer-brand identification and their impact on relational outcomes.

Supervising Professor: Sergios Dimitriadis

Tsimonis Giorgos
Relational Benefits & Costs in Online Customer-Firm Relationships. The role of Firms’ Fan Pages on Social Media.

The goal of this thesis is, to examine customer’s relational benefits & costs arising from long-term relationships with firms in an online context.  Given that more & more firms are developing fun pages on various social media for relationship building purposes, social media are considered as the appropriate “online context” for this study.

Supervising Professor: Sergios Dimitriadis

Other Academic Research

This is a case of a telephone survey aiming to record the attitude and behaviour of consumers towards supermarket chains. Various aspects of consumer behaviour are examined, like criteria for choosing products and stores, preferences for private labels, purchasing practises and degree of satisfaction. The researches are independent, voluntarily conducted by A.LA.R.M. recourses and aim to describe the actual market.

Supervising Professor: George Baltas

Global Sales Barometer

This research project aims at benchmarking sales best practice around the world. More than 1.000 companies form 12 countries participated in the 2010 wave.

Academic Supervisors: Nikolaos Panagopoulos & Paolo Guenzi
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