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The Lab has advanced ‘know-how’ and accumulated experience in conducting studies and advisory projects  covering all aspects of Marketing Science. This knowledge is the result of close collaboration with businesses for tackling issues relating to daily practices and/or strategic planning.

Regarding the Research Methodologies, the Lab undertakes the compilation and analysis of statistical data from business databases or surveys (CATI, personal interviews), qualitative studies (focus groups, brainstorming) and experimental  approaches such as mystery shopping.

The scope of research carried out by A.LA.R.M. includes:

  • Marketing Audits
  • Reports on Competition
  • Development of Distribution Channels
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment
  • Evaluation of Customer Services Quality
  • Reports on Customer Buying Behavior
  • Assessment of Brand Name and Company Image
  • Identification of Positioning and Formulation of Communication Strategy
  • Adoption of New Products and Services
  • Internal Marketing Issues
  • Services Blueprinting
  • Configuration of Pricing Policy
  • Preparation of Marketing Plan
  • Evaluation of CRM Policies
  • Feasibility Reports for New Entrepreneurs
  • Reports on Global Markets Expansion
  • Utilisation of New Technologies in Marketing


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