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Education Programs

Education Programs

The Lab specializes also in providing educational courses that cover all aspects of Marketing Science in close collaboration with businesses for tackling issues relating to daily practices and/or strategic planning.

The Educational Programs offered include:

Marketing for Non-Marketers
Customer Services
Sales Techniques
Effective Negotiations
Key Account Management Sales Management
Industrial (B2B) Marketing
Services Marketing
Preparation of Marketing Plan
Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing
Marketing for Retail Companies
Customer Relationship Management

A vast number of training programs has been conducted by the lab in every sector of the economy. Some of the companies who benefited from our training prorgrammes include: AB Vassilopoulos (Delhaize Group), Boehringer Ingelheim SA, Bristol-Myers Squibb SA, Compo GmbH & Co. KG, Eli Lilly Hellas SA, Yamaha Hellas SA, Vianex SA, Hellenic Management Association, Leon Engineering SA, George Petrou LTD, Metaxas Diagnostics SA, O1 Pliroforiki SA, Web Communications LTD, Public Owner Corporation SA, Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications SA.

Currently A.La.R.M. offers in collaboration with ELTRUN (e-commerce lab, AUEB) a Training Program in SALES that leads to an A.U.E.B. certificate and is addressed to Sales Executives/Practitioners with or without a university degree. For further information visit:

University Sales Education Foundation

Course Listed on the Top European Schools of the 2012 Annual Sales Education Guide

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