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The Services Excellence Research Unit

Scientific Director:
Dr. Kalipso Karantinou,
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

The services sector is the dominant driving economic force worldwide and marketing and management practices in this field are evolving rapidly. The burgeoning of traditional Services, the emergence of new Services sectors  and the need for augmenting most consumer/B2B products with a variety of Services  are indicative of their decisive role. There is as result an increasing academic and business interest in the services sector, where the manufacturing-based models of business and marketing are not always relevant and appropriate.  Services organizations and the process of developing and delivering services differ in many important respects to manufacturing and product management, posing a number of interesting challenges to managers. This necessitates a distinctive approach to the development of marketing strategies and thus requires systematic research in services.

The Service Excellence Research Unit works towards the development and dissemination of breakthrough knowledge regarding the optimum development, distribution and promotion of Services. The Research Unit focuses on both B2B and B2C research, with the ultimate objective of defining and guiding the achievement of service excellence.

The Service excellence Research Unit is currently focusing on the following research areas:

 - The power and implications of Servicescapes

 - Advantages and disadvantages of relationship development in services industries

 - Service Excellence and Customer Care

 - Process Optimization of the Front End of Innovation Management

 - The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Service Industries

 - Austerity and Service Consumption

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